CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #66 December 2017

🌟🎄🔔🎁Happy Holidays!🎁🔔🎄🌟

Whatever you’re celebrating, here’s our gift to you – the December issue!

Inside this month you’ll find all the latest on news, local events and entertainment releases.

We’re keeping it festive this winter with a glance into New Year Osechi cuisine.

Feeling like all you wanna do is be a blanket caterpillar? Try our 5 minute ceviche recipe! Stomach satisfaction guaranteed, and no need to worry about post-conbini guilt!

Last minute planning a winter adventure? This month our travel section zooms in on the highlights of rural Takayama, and features a hand-picked itinerary for fans of haiku poet Basho.

Keeping it close to home doesn’t have to make for a quiet vacation, though – flick through our sports section to discover how one JET found community and cardio through Taiko drumming, and turn to the community pages for a new perspective – this month: one JET battles her BOE for childcare leave.

Stay warm, stay in the know, and have a wonderful end to 2017!

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #65 November 2017

It’s that time again – spook season’s been and gone, Bonfire Night’s right around the corner, and we’re bringing you the November issue of Connect!

This month’s all about looking after yourself, something that’s twice as important when you’re this far from home.

We’ve got tips for at-home yoga practice, soothing recipes for those chilly nights, and tons of inspiration for a good dose of self care.

Itching to get out of the apartment? Check out our events calendar and November releases to stay right up to date with everything going on!

Now’s also a great time to take up a new hobby, whether it’s one that gets you moving in challenging ways (see our features on Salsa dance meetups and an international surfing championship), rocking out to the sounds of the Tokyo Garage scene, or finding a style that’s really you.

What’s that? We can’t coax you out from under the kotatsu? Fair enough! While you get cosy, though, don’t forget to chow down on some of Hokkaido’s finest…

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #64 October 2017

October’s finally here;

the air’s cooler, oden has returned to konbini everywhere (hooray!), and we’ve a new issue of Connect for you to get your teeth into!

Got little ones at home? Our Family Spotlight series continues with a look into children’s dietary difficulties.

Impress colleagues with your political knowledge; our news section asks what will become of Japan’s monarchy as the Heisei era draws to a close.

Plenty of downtime? Our events calendar and October release schedule promise to keep boredom at bay!

Want more? Discover Osaka’s top five tourist hotspots, the original hometown of phenomenal rice paddy art, fan-organised doujinshi fairs, and more!

Read our personal recounts of the Somin Sai festival, a picturesque bike ride through Yabakei Gorge, and join us for a day of Shower Climbing (shampoo not a must!)

Last but not least, make sure to do it all whilst stuffing your face full of our tasty onigirazu recipes, and reading up on the latest in genderless fashion – happy autumn

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #63 September 2017

Got a case of the end-of-summer blues?

We feel you.

Soothe that September sadness with a flick through our shiny new issue! Though many take trips abroad in the summer, Autumn’s a great time to reconnect to your community; this month, we zoom in on Iwami Kagura, traditional performances native to Shimane.

Wanna polish your staffroom small talk? Our news section explores the internet conspiracy that is Akie Abe’s refusal to speak English with Donald Trump. If you’re planning your next trip already, our guide to Japan’s top musical experiences could be just the thing.

Last but not least, read about one JET’s daring fundraiser for suicide prevention, and get inspired to give back in ways you never thought possible.


CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #62 Tokyo Orientation 2017

We’re very excited to bring you another issue of Connect!

This month, we’ve put together some articles written by our very own editors, a lot of whom are incoming JETs! For this issue, it’s all about Tokyo Orientation and what to look forward to living in Japan.

Welcome back to another term on JET; I can’t wait to bring you new stories, memories, and experiences every month.

Enjoy your time in Japan, and let us help you make it happen!

C – The Art Issue 2017 #61

C – The Art Issue was conceptualized as a means to display the varied talents of expats living in Japan.

They come from many different creative backgrounds and develop many others still while in Japan.

Enjoy their work, and check out each contributor’s links for more!

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #60 May 2017

Spring, after months of cold up throughout most of Japan, the pink sight of the cherry blossoms welcome a new season of warmth and adventure.

What better way to welcome the warmer weather than with the May issue of Connect?

We’ve got articles galore of new Fashion, Running, Travel guide for your Golden Week, and the latest Releases in Entertainment.

But with summer comes the Farewell of Sweet Potatoes and Snow, so read on for our tribute to them. Note: reading our fresh content with a side of murasaki imo ice cream is the best way to enjoy your day.

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #59 April 2017

Spring is finally in the air!

The beauty of the sakura blossoms remind Japanese people of new beginnings and to start fresh, why not join on in?

Connect’s bringing fresh new content for you this month on tips how to be healthy, active, and engaged! From Taiko Drumming to Salsa Dancing, we’ve got you covered for working up a sweat.

News has got you covered with how to establish Professional Networks and updates on the current News and Japanese Economy while Fashion brings you back to the 20th Century Fashion style and Beauty Tips for your daily life. Maybe you’re into immersing into the Japanese culture through Baseball or interested in the Yamagoya Mountain Huts?

Find out how life is like for Mixed Asians and other interesting articles this month!

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #58 March 2017

Dust off those lingering powders of snow and welcome March with our latest issue! Social Media or latest events In the News got you in a roller coaster of emotions?

We’ve got some tips to help you with that, and easy Rice Cooker Recipes to keep it low-key for those days when you want to watch one of our Movie Recommendations and Releases or Switch on your favorite gaming console.

Feeling adventurous? The Snow Festivals may be over (we’ve got the Photos cause it did happen), but we’ve got exciting articles covering Sumo (did anybody get the Oosaka tickets?!?), Bellydancing (straight from our News editor herself!), and Rugby (see you in 2019, Sunwolves).

Make sure your allergies are kept at bay with our Health Spotlight and cozy wear while you check off events through our Event Calendar.

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #57 February 2017

Welcome back from New Year and winter vacation everyone, we hope everyone had wonderful holidays!!

It’s February and that means it’s the season of love….and snow.

CONNECT is ready and rearing to get you started in this new year with stories and advice about love in all of it’s forms.

Or if you’re not into that we also have advice on beating the winter blues, reviews of winter food and descriptions and stories about huge and exciting events coming up!

You don’t want to miss this!