CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #70 April 2018

April’s here; all change!

This is a hectic month for lots of us, with new classes and colleagues to get to grips with.

One thing you can bank on? Connect!

We have a really great issue this month, full of all the latest news, events and entertainment releases. Flick through for our top allergy-busting tips, an exploration of the Iya Valley, and a personal look at fashion and identity in Japan.

Want to get out now the sun’s here? Check out our health and travel sections – this month we hear about a spur of the moment trip to Hida, and a volcanic daikon experience in Kagoshima.


CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #69 March 2018

Time to crawl out of your kotatsu – though maybe not quiiite time to pack it away – because Spring has sprung!

This month’s issue of Connect has all the features you know and love – the latest news, a jam-packed events calendar and our pick of March’s most anticipated releases (and the platforms to stream them on)!

It’s the perfect time of year to take up something new, and if you’re looking for inspiration you won’t want to miss this month’s look at veganism in Japan (plus vegan peanut butter brownies!), a West Tokyo blood donation collective, and our guide to Japanese thrift stores.

Need a dose of culture? Get stuck into the myths of Miyazaki, and top it off with one JET’s unforgettable experience of volunteering at a Thai orphanage.

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #60 May 2017

Spring, after months of cold up throughout most of Japan, the pink sight of the cherry blossoms welcome a new season of warmth and adventure.

What better way to welcome the warmer weather than with the May issue of Connect?

We’ve got articles galore of new Fashion, Running, Travel guide for your Golden Week, and the latest Releases in Entertainment.

But with summer comes the Farewell of Sweet Potatoes and Snow, so read on for our tribute to them. Note: reading our fresh content with a side of murasaki imo ice cream is the best way to enjoy your day.

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #59 April 2017

Spring is finally in the air!

The beauty of the sakura blossoms remind Japanese people of new beginnings and to start fresh, why not join on in?

Connect’s bringing fresh new content for you this month on tips how to be healthy, active, and engaged! From Taiko Drumming to Salsa Dancing, we’ve got you covered for working up a sweat.

News has got you covered with how to establish Professional Networks and updates on the current News and Japanese Economy while Fashion brings you back to the 20th Century Fashion style and Beauty Tips for your daily life. Maybe you’re into immersing into the Japanese culture through Baseball or interested in the Yamagoya Mountain Huts?

Find out how life is like for Mixed Asians and other interesting articles this month!

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #58 March 2017

Dust off those lingering powders of snow and welcome March with our latest issue! Social Media or latest events In the News got you in a roller coaster of emotions?

We’ve got some tips to help you with that, and easy Rice Cooker Recipes to keep it low-key for those days when you want to watch one of our Movie Recommendations and Releases or Switch on your favorite gaming console.

Feeling adventurous? The Snow Festivals may be over (we’ve got the Photos cause it did happen), but we’ve got exciting articles covering Sumo (did anybody get the Oosaka tickets?!?), Bellydancing (straight from our News editor herself!), and Rugby (see you in 2019, Sunwolves).

Make sure your allergies are kept at bay with our Health Spotlight and cozy wear while you check off events through our Event Calendar.

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #49 May 2016

In this last issue of the season, AJET Connect is bringing you powerful articles you don’t want to miss.

Learn about the ongoing oppression affecting the native Ainu in Hokkaido; and the peril facing the beloved tradition of sumo wrestling in the modern world.

Anime fans will also want to see our write-up of upcoming promising properties, as well as an inside-look at the industry with a music performer.

As always, we’ve also got more delicious recipes than you can shake a spoon at to make your summer picnics grand!

They are served with a heaping side of tips to make the most out of your adventures in Asia.

All this and so much more to Connect with inside!



CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #48 April 2016

Spring has sprung and we have a load of great features to help you in the wonderful hanami Season!

This month we have a range of content covering K-pop, ridiculously lovely recipes, the ever wonderful events calendar, and so much more.

As usual, our regular awesomeness is thrown in, with a dash of love, a pinch of Japan, and a sprinkling of improved weather!


CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #47 March 2016

A sakura by any other name… would still signal spring in Japan!

The changing season brings us out of our warm homes and face-to-face with new fashions and music trends, like the enchanting Visual Kei style described in this March issue of Connect.

Or should we say, “mask-to-mask”?

Inside we explore Japan’s sometimes perplexing love of face-wear. Whether you think they’re handy or silly, knowing more about them can help you navigate the social waters in and beyond JET (something we give you even more advice about in this issue).

At least we can all agree to take our masks off to eat the delicious recipes from Connect! A new season is a perfect time to start cooking in earnest. Or at least time to start looking for yummy food at festivals, like the Hina Matsuri or an oyster festival we’ve got inside.

Now, sit back, relax, and Connect to spring!

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #39 May 2015

Our final issue before the summer break is here!

Not to worry, though. We’ll still publish stories online throughout the summer, so keep sending them in. The May issue brings stories about fashion shows, classic foods, Beat Takeshi, Nowruz, cheap lodgings, flag football, Fuji climbing, running commandments, and more.

It’s got a few more pages than usual, as we tried to cram as much last-minute goodness in as possible.

We hope you enjoy reading it! This also marks Steven’s last Connect as head editor, so send him and the rest of this year’s team a nice message!