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Connect Magazine Japan #104 May 2021

The latest issue of CONNECT is out now! This month you can read up on some advice for getting into the home podcasting profession, learn tips and tricks about the struggles (and positives too!) of shopping for bras as a foreigner living in Japan, read

Connect Magazine Japan #103 April 2021

Spring is in full swing, and sakura season has begun! The trees are all turning lovely shades of pink and white, and the weather is the perfect temperature to go out and enjoy a nice picnic meal under the falling petals. While you’re enjoying the

Connect Magazine Japan #102 March 2021

The winter months are finally starting to give way to warmer weather and I think it’s safe to say we are all ready for the new season. And with a new season comes a new issue of AJET CONNECT! Start off your spring by checking

Connect Magazine Japan #101 February 2021

The February issue is here! Grab your box of chocolates and this month’s issue and enjoy some sweets while you read all about Valentine’s day chocolate traditions in Japan. After you’ve sated your sweet tooth, relax with some (metaphorical) tea about how men and women

CONNECT Magazine Japan #93 May 2020

May is already here, can you believe it? Congratulations if you know what day it is too! Our team has made another fabulous issue of CONNECT for our readers to take a break from animal crossing or however you’ve been spending your self isolation time.


In response to some frequently asked questions, AJET has compiled the information below. If you have any additional questions, concerns, or comments concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, please send them to Remember to take care of yourself and seek the support you need. Q: Is

CONNECT Magazine Japan #92 April 2020

The weather is warmer but our desks are even warmer! This month’s issue of CONNECT is guaranteed to burn some deskwarming time during COVID-19. Some highlights of the issue are dependents of Japan sharing their stories, an insight into the drag world of Tokyo, an

March 2020 issue

CONNECT Magazine Japan #91 March 2020

CONNECT presents a brand new issue for you to feast your eyes on! If you are a flower lover check out the flowers galore in travel this month! If flowers don’t tickle your fancy, the rest of the issue is bound to catch your eye.

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #82 May 2019

As May dawns, we’re now well into springtime in Japan. The cherry blossoms might be fading, but you can relive those petal-filled moments by reading the stories of ALTs experiencing their first hanami across the country, or attending unique festivals ranging from big and famous

CONNECT MAGAZINE Japan #81 April 2019

The sakura are blooming, school is starting up again, and the newest issue of Connect Magazine is here! In our April issue, two Street Fighter fans share their experiences at EVO Japan 2019, while other ALTs share tips, tricks, and personal anecdotes about running marathons,