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Whether you’re currently on the JET Programme, an alumni, or just a wonderful person living in Japan, CONNECT MAGAZINE strives to bring you engaging content about what the ex-pat community is doing, loving, and thinking about every single month.

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Tyrannosaurus Sex: I Survived Japan’s Jurassic Park Love Hotel

Sierra Nicole Rhoden (Oita) This July, my teaching contract ends and my husband and I will leave Japan. Faced with only a few months left in a country we adore, an overwhelming array of last minute must-sees taunt and drift past us like cherry blossoms falling from the trees. Recently, however, as the ultimate culmination …

Haiku Submissions

Walking on the bridge

Water sparkles and fish leap

On my way to work

Stand further apart

When you meet someone and bow

So you don’t butt heads.

— Greg Corbett, Kumamoto Prefecture

Japan’s given me
Much higher expectations
Of vending machines

Practice your Kana!
Thought I’d found some cheap toothpaste.
Turns out it was glue…

— Tom O’Byrne



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