CONNECT MAGAZINE is a publication created entirely by the English-speaking community in Japan, and sponsored by National AJET.

Whether you’re currently on the JET Programme, an alumni, or just a wonderful person living in Japan, CONNECT MAGAZINE strives to bring you engaging content about what the ex-pat community is doing, loving, and thinking about every single month.

Meet the Team

CONNECT MAGAZINE  is happy to announce its new team for 2017-2018.

These men and women will be working hard throughout the year to bring you useful, interesting content to help connect you to Japan and the community no matter where you are.

Find their profiles and contact information below!

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What’s New?

Events in your ken!

Each month, Connect will bring you events organized by your prefecture from all over Japan, all on one page! If you have an event that you’d like to submit, please submit here!

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The main goal of CONNECT MAGAZINE is to share what you are doing and talking about so that you can better connect to Japan and get involved.

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