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Each month, Connect will bring you events organized by your prefecture from all over Japan, all on one page! If you have an event that you’d like to submit, please submit here!

Block 5


Fukuoka Produce Festival
November 11 In front of U-Hall, Takaoka City

Kurobe Gorge Ramen Festival
November 15-16 In front of the Kurobe Gorge Railway Station, Kurobe City

Shogawa Yuzu Festival
November 11-12 Shogawa Aqua Memorial Park, Tonami City

Oyabe City Agricultural Festival,
November 11-12 Crossland Oyabe, Oyabe City

Tonamino Agricultural Festival
November 11-12 JA Tonamino, Tonami City

Takaoka Shokusai Festival
November 19 Takaoka Techno Dome, Takaoka City

Attaka Asahi Fall Colors Festival
November 23 Azalea Hall, Asahi Town

Yukikoi Festival
November 23 Fukumitsu, Nanto City

Fukuno Gottsuo Satoimo Festival
November 23 Fukuno Gymnasium, Nanto City

Additional details for all events can be found here

Block 7


Akame 48 waterfalls
November 8, Akameguchi Station at 10:00-15/16:00
The hike is an open event and anyone is welcome.
Additional details


Maple Viewing event
November 18 Minoo Park starting at 13:00
Additional details

Block 9


Shimane Swap
Tsuwano (afternoon) Masuda (evening)

November 11 starting at 13:00
Chair lift – 450円
Inari shrine treasure house – 500円
Anno art museum – 800円 (reduced to 650円 if we have a group of over 20 people)
Dinner & Karaoke – Estimated 2000-4000円
 1:00 pm – Meet at the chair lift parking lot and ride up to the castle ruins  2:00 pm – Leave the ruins and visit the nearby Takodani Inari Shrine
 2:30 pm – Walk down the Tori gates to visit shops and feed koi fish downtown
 3:00 pm – Visit the Mitsumoasa Anno art museum and planetarium
 4:00 pm – Return to parking lot and depart for Masuda
 5:00 pm – Group dinner at Yakiniku Bar Saku
 6:00 pm – Group karaoke at J’Z Club

Block 11


Saitobaru Kofun Matsuri
November 4-5, Saito

Mad for Mountains
November 11th-12th
We will venture to Gokase for some autumn kayaking, followed by a cabin campout, and a trip to the Shiiba Heike Matsuri on Sunday morning. It’s a great chance to experience fall foliage, outdoor activities, stargazing, and unque culture all in one weekend!

Heike Matsuri
November 11th and 12th, Shiiba

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