This article originally featured in the March 2021 issue of Connect.

Kanaho Morisue (Okayama)

This month’s issue marks the start of our new column, affectionately named Shop Local with…, which will see us chat with the many talented designers and makers in Japan’s fashion and beauty industries.

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We’re kicking off with Kanaho Morisue, a multitalented blogger and artist, whose style personifies a sense of joy and playfulness. Her bold artworks, upcycled garments, and jewellery pieces are documented and sold on Instagram. She spoke to us about the inspirations that fuel her bold artworks and distinctive fashion sense.

“My motto in life is not to be
particular about things. To be fun
and make things that do not hurt
others; peaceful pieces.

It hurts my head when I try to put into
words how I feel about art and fashion.
I don’t know much about them.

I am often inspired by the various things I see
in my daily life, the colors and shapes of nature.

I have a lot of favorite artists. I’ve always liked Pablo
Picasso since I was a kid. I also like Jean-Michel Basquiat,
Friedensreich Hundertwasser, James Ensor and Yasuo
Kuniyoshi. The inspiration I get from these artists is huge.

As for clothes, I mainly choose clothes that I fall in love
with at first sight at second-hand clothing stores and
so I wear what I like. Most of them are clothes that
you don’t know who made them, but they are also
inspired by designers.

Art is like a cloud that has no fixed shape and
floats around inside me.”

Kanaho Morisue is often found painting while helping her father with his work. With the remainder of her time, she likes to make accessories and take pictures. Kanaho can be found through her website and Instagram @kanaho_show