March is here, which means spring is right around the corner! While you defrost from the winter and prepare for the impending cherry blossoms, take a look at our newest issue. Catch up on the latest news headlines, including Kura Sushi’s recent employee snafu and the latest on LGBTQ+ common-law marriages in Chiba. Read one woman’s perspective as a foreigner taking part in the national Coming of Age ceremony and struggling to find that perfect kimono. Or if you’re looking for unique ways to get out and get active in your local Japanese community, we’ve got plenty of stories from people who have done it their own way, from taking on weightlifting competitions to learning printmaking techniques. This issue also includes an interview with the author of Double! Not Half, a children’s book about what it means to be half-Japanese and what we can all learn from a more multicultural world. All this and more waits in this newest issue of Connect. Happy reading!