And we’re back!

Armed with articles from your senpais in Japan, Connect is here to help you start off in Japan with all the knowledge that we’ve gained to make it easier as you adjust to your new life.

Or help you find out new things if you’re already in Japan!

We’ve got it all: food, shopping, culture shock, phone contracts, getting to know your area, travelling in and around Japan, the wonderful festivals, how to Japanese, what to do in Shinjuku during those precious hours after your workshops, and (most importantly in my opinion) how to deal with THE HEAT.

You might find it humorous or weird that I’ve highlighted that, but humidity is no joke if you’ve never experienced it before… So stay informed everyone and welcome to Japan!

Table of Contents:

6 – Summer Festivals: Kirsty Broderick
8 – Let’s go to the Mall: Lilian Diep
12 – Blowing off Steam in Shinjuku: Lauren Hill
16 – Ryokou Shimasyou!: Abby Ryder-Huth
20 – How to Food in Japan: Tresha Barrett
23 – Combatting Culture Shock: Kirsty Broderick
24 – Language Learning Apps: Amanda Muller
26 – Which Phone Service is Right for Me?: Hayley Closter
29 – USJETAA microgrant: Shantel Dickerson
32 – Getting to Know Your Town: Sabrina Zirakzadeh
34 – I’m Blockin’ on Sunshine: Bailey Jo Josie