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Block 1


St. Patricks Day Party
Studio London  スタジオロンドン (formerly Live Space Lounge), Akita City.
March 10, 21:00-2:00.
¥1500 yen, with a ¥500 discount for volunteers.
One free drink ticket will be provided upon entry.  Those under 20 cannot enter so everyone should bring some form of ID to prove they are 20 and over! We’re still looking for help with set-up, door shifts, DJing (preferably those with experience), and take-down.
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Sora (Space) Photo Gallery
Nayoro City
March 6-25
Location: なよろ市立天文台きたすばる
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Fossil Cleaning Class
Kushiro City
March 10
¥200 max capacity of 20 people, so be sure to reserve in advance!
Learn how to use a hammer and chisel to reveal an ammonite fossil hidden in a stone.
Location: 釧路市立博物館
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Sapporo Mt. Moiwa Ski Slopes Festival
Sapporo City
March 10
A small winter festival held at the ski area on Mt. Moiwa, conveniently located near city center. On top of the usual skiing and snowboarding, there will be other winter themed events, such as a giant snow tube sliding area.
Location: 札幌藻岩山スキー場
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Sarobetsu Snowhike
Kabutonuma Pond Toyotomi Town
March 10 10:00-13:30
Reservations must be made in advance (call 0162-82-1355).
Snowshoe and ski rentals are available, but please let them know at least a day beforehand.
Location: 兜沼公園
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Hidaka International Ski Slopes Let’s Play! Festival
Hidaka Town
March 11
The Hidaka ski slopes come to life for one last festival before the end of the season. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can also enter a snowball fight competition, go snow rafting, try your hand at dog sledding, or even ride horses!
Location: 日高国際スキー場
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Moekko Spring Festival
Rumoi City
March 11
There will be all the usual winter fest attractions: hot food and drink, raffles, a giant ice slide, etc., but the real star of the show is the Moekko Banba Race. Teams of 8 people drag a small boat that weighs around 700 kilograms the team with the fastest time wins! It’s too late to register as a team, but it could
be hilarious to watch!
Location: 陸上自衛隊留萌駐屯地グラウンド
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Abashiri and Memanbetsu Wakasagi Ice Fishing
Abashiri City & Ozora Town
~Mid-March 8:30-16:00 in Abashiri, 8:00-16:00 in Memanbetsu
¥800 You can rent poles and buy food and bait.
Ever wanted to try your hand at fishing but don’t like boats? Well this is your chance! For certain the fish are a wee bit smaller, but that feeling of accomplishment I’m sure is the same.
Location: 網走湖上特設会場, 網走湖女満別湖畔

Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival
Yubari City
March 15-19
Randomly held in the old coal mining city, Yubari, this film festival truly is fantastic.
Location: 合宿の宿ひまわり
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Spring Flower Road Eniwa – Orchid Festival
Eniwa City
March 16-18
Location: 道と川の駅「花ロードえにわ」
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2018 Kunimare New Sake Festival
Mashike Town
March 17
¥4,500 — tickets must be purchased in advance. Call 0164-53-1050 or go to the Kunimare Sake Brewery for tickets.
All you can drink Japanese sake, a sake tasting competition, and delicious food made with local ingredients.
Location: オーベルジュましけ 2F Large Hall, Brewery:株式会社國稀酒造
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SNOW PUNKS 2018 – King of the Hill in Hidaka
Hidaka Town
March 17-18
The Hidaka ski slopes are taken over by off-road vehicle drivers (motorbikes, ATVs, snow-bikes, and more) all fighting to be the king of the hill!
Location: 日高国際スキー場
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Shiretoko Five Lakes Winter Eco Tour
Shari Town
~ March 22 Meeting locations will vary depending on the guide, so please be
sure to confirm well beforehand.
Explore the beautiful Shiretoko Peninsula, in particular the five lakes tour, which is one of the most popular and accessible hikes.
Location: 知床五湖フィールドハウス

Pippu Ski Slopes Final Day – Thank you! Service
Pippu Town
March 25
As a thank you for another great year of skiing, Pippu Ski Slopes will offer everyone all you can ride lift passes for just 1500 yen. A pretty fine way to end the season!
Location: ぴっぷスキー場
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Drift Ice Boat Tours in Monbetsu & Abashiri
Monbetsu City, Abashiri City
~ Late March, Early April
With the end of winter in sight, this might be your last chance to see the famous Hokkaido drift ice! Tours leave from both Monbetsu and Abashiri. In addition to seeing the drift ice from the boat, some locations also offer the chance to put on a wetsuit and actually get into the ocean!
Location: Monbetsu – 流氷砕氷船ガリンコ号 II, Abashiri – 流氷観光砕氷船おーろら
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Block 5


Block 5’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 25
Block 5 will be passing out balloons and walking in the parade with an AJET banner! If you want to walk with us, please email Roxana at roxana.daliana@ajet.net.
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Block 11


All-Kyushu Hanami
March 24, 11:00-17:00
Nimoru Park

Post-Hanami Enkai
Celts Irish Bar
¥3,500 19:00~
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Block 11’s Out There on Okinawa
May 19-20
Saturday on the beach with a dinner to follow. Sunday morning will be spent at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium or on a waterfall excursion.
More info to come but book your flights soon!

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