Submit a photo story to honour our healers during this pandemic!

The Other Hundred Healers is a global non-profit photojournalism project that celebrates the men, women and children who are healing their communities during this global pandemic through selfless acts of work, caring, kindness and compassion.

Through a series of 100 photo-stories from 100 countries spanning all corners of the world, the project aims to challenge stereotypes and conventional wisdom by introducing readers to people, places, cultures and ideas that are overlooked by most major media.

We have received entries from all around the world but are now urgently seeking entries from Japan. We hope you and your friends will be interested in our project and submit your photo stories of the unsung heroes in your community. These include the delivery workers, volunteers, teachers, essential workers, community leaders, and healthcare and emergency workers, just to name a few. Top 100 entries will be rewarded with cash prizes!

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To enter, please visit and read the “Submission Guidelines & Requirements”

Entry Requirements

  • Submissions may be a single photograph or a series of up to 10 photographs.
  • Photos must be taken with a minimum 12-megapixel camera, preferably DSLR. Photos taken with compact digital cameras, film cameras, or camera phones will be accepted provided image quality fulfil the requirements.
  • Photos must be uploaded in JPEG format.
  • Entry photos must at least have a dimension of 1000 pixels on the longer side.
  • Max file size per photo: 10MB.
  • Entry photos must be free of excessive digital manipulation.
  • Entry photos must be taken after December 31, 2019.
  • Only Coronavirus (COVID-19) related entries will be considered.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a 100-400-word photo-story that tells the story behind the subject(s) – who they are, how they are helping to reduce suffering and the impact they have had on others.
  • Photographers must know the subjects’ name and story. Entries with photo-stories that identify subjects via general terms will not be selected.


The Other Hundred Healersはコロナ危機で様々な形で社会に貢献した「ヒーラー」たちの功労を称える撮影集です。「ヒーラー」とはこの危機で頑張っている医療者たちや、ボランティア、配達員、教員、清掃スタッフなど、という人たちです。






  • テーマに沿った、2019年12月31日以降に撮影されたもの。
  • 高解像度、JPEG形式の画像データ(1枚の容量は最大で10MB)。
  • 高解像度であれば、デジタルカメラ、一眼カメラなどの撮影機器は問いません。
  • 作品は一人10点以内で、自作のもの。
  • 作品は100~400英単語のストーリーに伴い、ご提出ください。(ストーリーは日本語でご提出でもよし)
  • 撮影された対象「ヒーラー」の名前とストーリーを詳しく説明できるもの。