May is already here, can you believe it? Congratulations if you know what day it is too! Our team has made another fabulous issue of CONNECT for our readers to take a break from animal crossing or however you’ve been spending your self isolation time. This month features a handy article about how to meet up without meeting up (spoiler it’s the internet), an Tokyoite reflects on fond memories of partaking in the colourful Ohara festival, another Tokyoite talks about finding connection with skateboarding in the gigantic metropolis, a local resident writes about the small town of Kamikatsu and their efforts towards zero waste and beyond, and an Irishman unexpectedly finds the northernmost Irish Pub in Hokkaido. Our submissions for the art issue has been extended until the 14th of May! We are accepting creative writing, photography and visual art. Find more information on the website: