Are you a brand-new ALT looking for some advice for your time in Japan, or are you a seasoned JET veteran looking for something new to catch your eye? Whichever category you fall into, you can beat the lingering summer heat by curling up in the shade with our September 2018 issue! We’re introducing a new Arts section and a revamped Style section, which gives even long-time readers something new to check out. Also included in this issue is a breakdown of helpful travel apps for new and experienced travelers alike, a look at how ALTs have made their Japanese apartments their own, a travel diary exploring the untouched beauty of Shiraishi-jima, a video game review highlighting VR technology, and much more.


Table of Contents:

10 – Events Calendar: September
18 – In the News August 2018 (Tresha Barrett, Kyoto; Janice Malcolm, Kanagawa)
22 – The Tengu of Gion (Sean O’Toole, Oita)
26 – Bending not Breaking (Laura Pollacco, Kanagawa)
30 – Home Comforts (Laura Pollacco, Kanagawa)
34 – Every Orientation is Different (Nash Sibanda, Ibaraki)
38 – Pokemon Go! or Pokemon No?
42 – Beat Saber: Train Like a Jedi (Marius Izak Aucamp)
43 – September Releases (Sarah White, Fukui)
44 – A Word From the Art Section Editor: On Newness (Tayla-Page van Sittert, Kumamoto)
46 – Chasing the Feeling of Being Small (Annene-Maré, Kagoshima)
48 – 「mi感3000」 and 「mtzm」 (Samu Boyne, Hiroshima)
50 – Apollo’s Dream (Carlos Ncube AKA NoLIFE Chronos, Nagasaki)
54 – Staying Cool: The Signs and Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion (Julianne Streeter, Kochi)
56 – Five Years Without A/C: A Unicorn’s Guide to Heat Survival (Cassie Conrad, Miyazaki)
58 – Cold Lunch: Quinoa Salad (Anette Dundas, Hokkaido)
59 – Voluntourism in Ehime (Sara Katsura, Ehime)
60 – Travel Apps & Websites: A Guide for Newly-Arrived JETs (Verushka Aucamp, Fukui)
63 – Shiraishi-jima: A Travel Diary (Remi Wyszynski, Kyoto)
68 – Budgeting on Your First Year on JET (Diego Velasco, Tokyo)
71 – The Circle of JET Life (Kyle Belanger, Shizuoka)

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