A sakura by any other name… would still signal spring in Japan!

The changing season brings us out of our warm homes and face-to-face with new fashions and music trends, like the enchanting Visual Kei style described in this March issue of Connect.

Or should we say, “mask-to-mask”?

Inside we explore Japan’s sometimes perplexing love of face-wear. Whether you think they’re handy or silly, knowing more about them can help you navigate the social waters in and beyond JET (something we give you even more advice about in this issue).

At least we can all agree to take our masks off to eat the delicious recipes from Connect! A new season is a perfect time to start cooking in earnest. Or at least time to start looking for yummy food at festivals, like the Hina Matsuri or an oyster festival we’ve got inside.

Now, sit back, relax, and Connect to spring!