Born in Taiwan, Sandy grew up in Brisbane, Australia. She always had a great interest in Japan and began the JET Programme in 2011.

Sandy was an AJET Block 6 Representative and has just finished up her term as AJET Chair this year. One of her biggest goals that she focused on was bringing the community together and supporting JETs. She enjoyed seeing JETs travel across prefectures for Block events, making new friends and hearing them say, ‘I never knew JETs from ___ prefecture were so cool!’ She hopes that JETs will make the most of AJET’s website, resources, and most of all, the great JET network.

One of the most valuable lessons she learnt from JET was, “be the bigger person”. When challenged, take a step back, relax and calm down. The advice she has for current or future JETs is, “Make the most of your time here. Learn a new skill, find a hobby, meet people, travel, see Japan and Asia!”

Sandy finished JET in April, and is currently enrolled in a 2-year voice acting course in Osaka. You can contact her at