Love getting involved? Love reading how to get involved? How others are living in Japan? Community and Sports are here to give you an insight on how to stay active both in the community and in sports.


Family Spotlight: Winter Holiday Fun!

JET Couples and Families share about their winter holiday adventures Shantel Dickerson (Oita) This month’s Family Spotlight features winter holiday highlights from four JET families. Take a peek to see what they were up to! ...
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Are You a Dancer?

Emily Bisset (Tokyo) I have had an on-off love affair with dance my whole life. After renouncing ballet at the age of four when asked to wear a pink tutu, I did a bit of ...
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From well-educated to functionally illiterate in 14 hours

In the time it takes to fly from Atlanta to Tokyo Sabrina Hassanali (Tokyo) While I know that moving to a new country can be intimidating, I felt pretty confident before arriving in Japan. I ...
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